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Who am I ? It seems like an easy question. And then I realize… Maybe what I said to those cops wasn’t a joke. Maybe the name belongs to whoever has the courage to fight. And so I tell them. “You can call me Ms. Marvel. And if you cooperate, I won’t throw you again." I tell them who I am.

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Every word a defiance.
Every word a defiance.
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Red Sonja/ Conan

First time these characters have met in FIFTEEN YEARS.

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last of the haruko photos! *O* thanks so much ithilnar <3

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One of my favourite animes of all time, Trigun<3

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Nebula and Gamora: adopted sisters, daughters of Thanos.

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laura and jubilee, by phil noto [x]

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No—wait— do you have any idea how many STD’s I could have?

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