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Does anyone even sleep like this?
Does anyone even sleep like this?

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check out all of the characters stand alone on my fanart tumblr :

So I’ve been slowly working on this idea for 6 months hahah.. I was like “oh CARTOON NETWORK SHIPPUDEN ! that sounds cool. I’ll just make a lineup with (almost) every CN franchise and dress them as Naruto characters”. It makes no sense haha, but I had a lot of fun, and it taught me a lot as an artist to work with all these different styles.

I looked up prices to print out posters, and I found out I could print OK quality A2 size (33”x23”) and sell them for like 9$ (not including shipping). Would you be into that ? you should PM me if peeps are interested I’d totally do that :)

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Shino Asada | Sniper Elite SAO II

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Hurry, Mr. B! Angels are waiting for our kisses.

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    Aomine Daiki | Kuroko no Basket     [4/??]

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Rocket Girl’s been getting some GREAT press in the last week and I’ve been too busy to post anything!  Gotta write down all the cool stuff:

NPR gave a rave review! Holy cow I love NPR!!

Indiewire placed Rocket Girl in its "10 Comics Books That Deserve to be Movies" list!  AMAZING.

Rocket Girl showed up on the New York news once again for (what it seems) a good example of female representation. Here’s the other video if you haven’t seen it.  Very cool!

Multiversity outdid their support for us in their recent writeup about their favorite colorists by putting me at the tippy-top of the article!  It matters a lot to me that I get to color myself, so it’s GREAT to hear that people think it makes a difference.  You are validating my happy place!

Speaking of Multiversity, we did a GREAT interview for their "Robots From Tomorrow" podcast with Mike Romeo.  In it I wax philosophical that what motivates me is the rush I get when I try something difficult and succeed.  I have to do it or I won’t want to draw.

During SDCC I interviewed with Juliet Kahn over at ComicsAlliance!  Thanks, Juliet!

Steve Morris of The Beat fame has just opened up his new site The Spire and Brandon and I have an interview with him!

On top of all that, TONIGHT Brandon and I are going to Jersey City to sign at WORD Bookstore at 7:30.  We’ll be speaking as well; don’t miss it!

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